This ever-growing collection of links represents my favorite online music resources in a wide variety of categories.  Please let me know if any of the links don’t work!

Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA)

The SAA is the not-for-profit organization that supports, guides and promotes Suzuki education in North, Central and South America. They provide information and services for teachers, parents, educators, and others who are interested in making music education available to all children

Practice Spot

This website has tons of good information on it.  I always have to allow extra time if I’m going to click on that link, because I am sure to see 4 other things that also catch my eye when I visit!  There are articles for parents, teachers, and kids about how to practice effectively, how to fix problem spots, how to perform, and many other topics.  There are theory worksheets that can be printed and theory activities that can be done on the computer.  There is a musical dictionary, a blank staff paper printer, and even music crosswords.  I use this site as a resource for some of the atricles I write and share, and as a source of new ideas or just for fun.

Classic Cat

This website is an extensive compliation of free online recordings of classical music.  Over 6,000 recordings are currently indexed by composer or by instrument.  It usually takes a few clicks to get to the actual recording, but the list is very extensive and is a good way to hear a wide variety of songs without needing to purchase lots of recordings.

Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids is a website that offers musical games, composer information in a variety of formats, a musical dictionary, online radio programs about composers and other musical topics, and listening samples from various time periods.  A new composer is featured each month, with a new radio broadcast (5-10 minutes long) each week about the composer and a corresponding activity sheet.

The Well-Balanced Pianist

This is the place to come for a posture check up.  Compare the online photos with your home practice set-up to determine if your student needs a change in seating to result in a change in sound.  The before-and-after photos of common positioning problems are especially helpful.

San Francisco Symphony for Kids

This website has lots of quick-loading animated demonstrations of basic musical concepts.  There is a section that shows the different instruments of the orchestra, complete with pictures, sound samples, and even the ability to turn the instruments around or zoom in for a closer look.  The Music Lab section has fun demos that cover concepts such as harmony, rhythm, tempo, pitch, and musical symbols.

The Method Behind the Music

For a basic overview of music theory and history with simple graphic illustrations, this is the place to go.  There is also information about how various kinds of instruments work and a demonstration of how to conduct music in different time signatures.  The most fun part of the site is the Flash piano, which can be played with the mouse or the keyboard.  The piano can be left up in its own window and used to practice other things on the site (or on other sites, for that matter!)

This website features pdf files of over 10,000 pieces of music for a variety of instruments.  There are many sites with free music available, but I feature this one because it is easy to search and doesn’t require a membership or a special program to view and print files. 

The Piano Education Page

This website is an very extensive source of information about playing the piano.  It is not the prettiest or the best organized site on the block, but there is a lot of information to be uncovered!  Favorite parts of the site for me are the Electronic Musical Dictionary, the Tips for Kids page, and the Links to Other Interesting Sites.  I don’t agree with all the articles, but there is certainly plenty to read and explore.


KIDiddles is a fun place for more information about classic kids songs.  There are activity sheets, lyric sheets, audio files, and even some music scores to download and print.  The songs are indexed either alphabetically or by category.


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